Research Support


Research must fulfil the legal and financial framework like any other activity. There is a set of tasks that have to be done for making possible research that are not research by themselves.

These are tasks we also do at IRI and that can help you in any new endeavour you may have.

Legal aspects

Analyse the legal framework of each call and ensure every norm and regulation is fulfilled is important in every new proposal and a must during the execution of the project. Anticipate risk situations in aspects of project management, intellectual property, author rights, competitors, are key to achieve the project goals and avoid problems that may become dramatic.

Financial aspects

From the budget preparation, to the control of the expenses either direct or indirect, correct assignation of costs according to the accounting rules, and the periodic justification to the funding institutions, the effect of the research activity to the institution accounts and taxes, are all of them critical issues to take into account in order to execute any project.

Strategy and coordination aspects

Identify the research objectives that fit with the strategy of the company or institution, seek the calls for the proposal’s preparation, create the consortium and organise the work team for building the proposal, notify about the initiative to the correct contact points at different institutions and receive their feedback to improve it.

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