ICT System Development


Programming is an engineering discipline that needs creativity. Some pieces of software may be considered a piece of art and some software engineers, artists.

The first step in the software development process is the analysis of requirements. Writing the source code of an application using some programming language is an important task of the development of any ICT system, but not the only one.

Software Development Methodologies formalise the steps of this process, that include:

  • Collection of user requirements
  • Analysis of functional and technical specifications
  • Design of the system
  • Implementation
  • Validation and verification

A part from the source code, the process of software development generates a number of technical documentation related to each of the phases described above.

Applications that are permanently updated, and others built and designed in community, forced to adapt the development methodologies with new approaches. Agile Methodology and Extreme Programming are clear examples of them.

Programming Languages are those used to create the source code of any ICT system. Java, SQL and C++ are popular examples of them. In the current changing world, and the era of standards and Open Systems, it is important to choose a programming language that can survive a specific operating system or platform.

Software Development Platforms are tools and frameworks that facilitate the task of programming and debugging. One of the most popular is Eclipse.

Expert software engineers at IRI are at your entire disposition to advise you about the methodology, language and software development platforms, that better fit with your project's needs.

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