IRI Services

The core business of IRI is focused on the technical aspects of Computer Science and the design and development of complex ICT Systems, mostly addressed to a selected set of objectives. This main task needs a set of support services (project management, coordination and search of funding, among others) that are also openly available and offered to other industrial and academic institutions.

At IRI we follow Open Source strategies, support Open Innovation Models and we are also happy to act as the gateway to the local Open Data repositories published by the local, regional and national authorities, providing technical support and managing the local contacts to facilitate the access to the data freely available from Barcelona and Catalonia to worldwide.

ICT System design

UML The Unified Modeling Language (UML) allows to specify the structure of the data that a ICT system uses and also its behavior. A set of UML diagrams are used for this purpose in order to design the system in a formal way.


ICT System Development


Programming is an engineering discipline that needs creativity. Some pieces of software may be considered a piece of art and some software engineers, artists.


Project Management


Project management of ICT and research projects requires an optimum allocation of the available resources for an efficient achievement of the project goals and milestones


Research Support


Research must fulfil the legal and financial framework like any other activity. There is a set of tasks that have to be done for making possible research that are not research by themselves.


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