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ICTs are needed in any business environment and become a key factor to increase the efficiency and productivity.

Investment in ICTs is a clear bet for a better performance at short term in any company. Additionally, is also true that the selection of the tools and the application of the correct technologies that better fit to solve a need, are a complex issue. An investment without a strong and correct reasoning may become in an obsolete development too early, and even make more difficult further developments in any company.

At IRI you have the technological partner to ensure the selection of the best technology for solving your needs in ICT. Our research activity gives us a deep knowledge of the latest tools, platforms and systems, and of what the current state of the art can offer to give an answer to your needs. For complex that your problem is, contact with us and together we will find the technical solution that will help to solve it.

Project funding for your project
The public administration is aware of the need to modernise the industrial sector and has a number of instruments addressed to fund projects where ICT play a key role. IRI can also help you to find the correct funding you may need to start your project.

Tell us which are your needs and hopes and we will work together to make them real.

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